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Information for nonresident patients / Информация для иногородних пациентов

Number of our patients from different countries increases constantly! The combination of high quality surgical operations, reasonable prices and excellent service attracts to us a large number of patients from different continents.

In order to schedule your visit with the Dr. Grudko properly and effectively, you must follow next steps:



Our clinic provides pre-booking surgery date for convenience of nonresident patients. You can choose the date which is the most comfortable for you. But please pay attention to important information below.

✔ You need to make an appointment in advance - 2-3 weeks prior to your planned surgery.

✔ Scheduling for a face-to-face consultation/surgery can be considered not more than 2 months beforehand.

✔ The interval between consultation and surgery may not exceed 3 days.

✔ Booking dates (consultation + surgery) is only available for patients who are planning surgery for the first time.
Record on repeated operations is carried out only after face-to-face consultation.

✔ Reservation service is provided once and free of charge.

In order to discuss the day of your surgery you have to call the phone number: +7 (925) 517-80-60 and sign up for initial consultation with simultaneous booking of subsequent date of your surgery. If after personal communication with the doctor, in the presence of indications for surgery, having received satisfactory answers to all the questions, your decision will remain unchanged, the operation will be performed on the previously reserved time.

Day of surgeryDay of consultationDay of surgeryDay of surgeryDay of surgeryDay of consultationDay off

ATTENTION! If you want and space (time) is available, you may reserve a time for surgery the next day after the consultation.

BUT! Breast augmentation is an exception. Breast implants are acquired individually for every woman after face-to-face consultation with the doctor. Delivery of implants to the clinic - 1 working day.

Before you call the clinic you should select the dates of consultation and surgery (considering the schedule that is mentioned above and the information in the table below) and inform the doctor's assistant about your choice.

Breast augmentation Day of consultation The nearest day of surgery
Tuesday Thursday, Friday, Monday
Saturday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


ATTENTION! If you can't speak russian, it is better to look ahead, hire a translator and be prepared for consultation. (In our clinic we don't have a translator.)



For foreign patients we recommend pass the preoperative examination first in their country (in order to exclude contraindications), and then retake the required list of examinations and receive the conclusion of specialists in Russia. The clinic accepts only valid tests, performed in Russia. You can pass the preoperative examination in any of the medical centers of Moscow (list of recommended medical institutions).

In the presence of chronic diseases, continuous medication use, it is necessarily to receive a certified expert's decision about the possibility of surgery.

List of tests and investigations for basic types of surgery

ATTENTION! When you are booking the operation (procedure) date you need to pay attention to the fact that our clinic guarantees the preservation of the reservation for the operation provided the sending of a set of medical documents:

✔ For patients living in Russia:
Instrumental diagnostics - no less than 15 days prior to consultation.
Laboratory diagnostics - no less than 3 days prior to consultation.

Time of arrival in Moscow: the day before or the day of consultation.

✔ For patients living outside Russia:
Instrumental diagnostics - no less than 2 days prior to consultation.
Laboratory diagnostics - no less than 2 days prior to consultation.

Time of arrival in Moscow: 3-5 days before the consultation for a medical examination.

The algorithm of preparation for medical testing and sending documents to Dr. Grudko:

✔ Blood tests have to be done strictly on an empty stomach (fasting).

• Intake of food and any liquid is forbidden;
• Recommended for at least 8-12 hours of fasting;
• Morning blood sampling is more preferable - in the interval from 07:30 to 12:30;
• Blood sampling is carried out before fluorography, chest x-ray, computer tomography;
• The taking of venous blood should be preceded by a 15-minute rest;
• It is necessary to refrain from smoking during 1 hour before blood tests.

✔ Urine test.

• Gather morning portion of urine that allocated immediately after waking up (previous urination should be no later than 2 hours at night);
• Before urine collection should be performed hygienic procedures, without using disinfectants and antibacterial soap;
• The first few milliliters of urine are needed to drain into toilet. After that the entire portion of morning urine should be collected in clean dry container;
• The collected material should be immediately delivered to the laboratory;
• It is unwanted to collect urine during menstruation.

✔ The day before and the day of testing it is unacceptable to have psychological and heat stress, high physical activity (including sports training), the intake of alcohol.

✔ Medical documentation is accepted only in Russian.

✔ Сopies of the analyses are not permitted, the clinic accepts only originals of all documents.

✔ Each analysis/expert opinion must be on a separate letterhead.

✔ Each form should contain the name of institution, signature of the person issuing the document, the original print.

✔ When you do copies of tests rezults for sending to doctor's e-mail, please pay attention to the format and quality of reading forms.

please pay attention to the format and quality of reading forms

✔ Having complete set of medical documents you should send it by e-mail: dr-grudko@mail.ru.

✔ Subject line must include: full name, date of consultation and surgery, type of surgery, mobile phone number for communication.

✔ Within 24 hours after sending the letter you will be contacted by the doctor's assistant, who confirms receipt of medical documents, informs about the completeness of the kit (package), as well as their satisfaction.

On the day of surgery the patient has to provide to clinic the results of all tests, opinions, statements and other medical records in the ORIGINAL form.

All medical documents remain in the archive of our clinic, a full or partial withdrawal is not allowed. In this regard, we recommend you to make a duplicate of the entire set of documents, if you need.

ATTENTION! Planning the date of surgery, women need to know that оptimal interval is all days, except 5 days before, days of menstruation and 3 days after menses.

Менструация и операция


List of recommended medical institutions in Moscow

1. Clinics of company Ingosstrakh «Bud Zdorov»

12, Suschevsky val street, Moscow, Russia.
28, Komsomolsky prospect street, Moscow, Russia.
28, Posledniy pereulok street, Moscow, Russia.

Contact phone number: +7 (495) 782-88-82, +7 (495) 663-03-03

2. Diversified medical center «Skandinavskiy tsentr zdorovya»

Address: 2 buildings 25, 26 and 37, Vtoraya Kabelnaya street, Moscow, Russia.

Contact phone number: +7 (495) 788-18-17, +7 (495) 645-00-54

3. International medical center «ON CLINIC»

32 building 1, Bolshaya Molchanovka street, Moscow, Russia.
30 building 2, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Moscow, Russia.
12 building 2, Trekhgorniy val street, Moscow, Russia.
8 building 6, Vorontsovskaya street, Moscow, Russia.
35 building 1, Zubovsky Boulevard, Moscow, Russia.

Contact phone number: +7 (495) 266-86-78

4. Clinic «Semeiniy doctor»

33 building 3, Usacheva street, Moscow, Russia.
2 building 3, Pervaya Miusskaya street, Moscow, Russia.
4, Ozerkovskaya naberezhnaya street, Moscow, Russia.
28 building 1, Krasnoprudnaya street, Moscow, Russia.
58/25 building 12, Baumanskaya street, Moscow, Russia.

Contact phone number: +7 (495) 241-50-85

5. Medical and diagnostic center «PATERO CLINIC»

Address: 211 building 2, Prospekt Mira street, Moscow, Russia.

Contact phone number: +7 (499) 940-96-04, +7 (499) 760-04-30

6. Independent medical laboratory «INVITRO»

9 building 1, Nikitsky Boulevard, Moscow, Russia.
3, Gogolevsky Boulevard, Moscow, Russia.
12 building 1, Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, Moscow, Russia.
5, Karmanitskiy pereulok street, Moscow, Russia.
and many others.

Contact phone number: +7 (495) 363-0-363, 8 (800) 200-363-0

7. Medical laboratory «GEMOTEST»

20, Arbat street, Moscow, Russia.
1 building 4, Sytinskiy tupik street, Moscow, Russia.
28, Pyatnitskaya street, Moscow, Russia.
21 building 2, Rozhdestvensky boulevard, Moscow, Russia.
2А, Leninsky prospect street, Moscow, Russia.
and many others.

Contact phone number: +7 (495) 532-13-13, 8 (800) 550-13-13

ATTENTION! Price policy, schedule, terms of manufacturing tests and others questions you need to ask in the medical institution, that you have chosen.

Preoperative examination is not included in the cost of cosmetic surgery. Preoperative tests you pay by yourself.



Face-to-face consultation is a very important step in the preparation for surgery. It will be better, if you prepare for your consultation and write all important questions beforehand. Don't hesitate and ask doctor about your surgery and all related issues. The more you understand about cosmetic surgery, the better decision you will make when determining what is the right choice and the right procedure for you.

Consultation is free.

ATTENTION! If you can't speak russian, it is better to look ahead, hire a translator and be prepared for consultation. (In our clinic we don't have a translator.)



Payment is due on the day of surgery by cash in rubles.
There is no charge for visits after a cosmetic surgery. Those are all included.



Type of surgery Hospital stay Being in Moscow
Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) Outpatient/1 day 4-7 days
Nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) 1-2 days10 days
Smas face lift 1 day7 days
Endoscopic brow lift 1 day14 days
Total face lift 1-3 days14 days
Correction of protruding ears (otoplasty) Outpatient/1 day7 days
Breast augmentation 1 day4-5 days
Breast lift 1 day10 days
Breast reduction 1-3 days14 days
Abdominoplasty 1-3 days14 days
Liposuction 1 day4-5 days
Buttock augmentation 1 day7 days
Shin augmentation 1 day7 days

When you're back at your place, if you have any questions, you can contact Dr. Grudko by e-mail or telephone call.



Здравствуйте. Могу ли я после ринопластики, до определенного времени, сцеживать молоко, чтобы после опять кормить грудью ребенка?

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Здравствуйте. Подскажите, пожалуйста, хочу сделать сужение кончика носа, но у меня внизу на крыле носа родинка, можно ли делать процедуру?

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Здравствуйте. Подскажите, пожалуйста, через сколько после увеличения груди можно ходить без бюстгальтера и спать на животе?

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Фото пациентки

Фото пациентки, 2 года после увеличения груди.

Фото пациентки

5 месяцев с момента операции. Мне кажется, носик уже такой, какой и должен быть 👌 Очень нравлюсь себе, как будто так всегда и было. Никогда не перестану говорить Вам спасибо 🙏

Фото пациентки

Чуть больше 3-х месяцев назад Александр Викторович сделал меня чуточку счастливее и красивее. Александр Викторович, спасибо Вам за вашу работу, индивидуальный подход и чувство вкуса!

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